Dictator Game

Gameplay video from my final concept studio project from last year. The idea is that you are a dictator of a poor country dependent on foreign aid you get from impressing diplomats. However it takes resources to impress diplomats. The way to get resources is to pay money–or send in your troops. If you choose to do a military takeover, the people will riot. If they riot, the only way to regain access to those resources is to use force–which will cause some of your people to die.

As a game, it’s not that great. There are even a lot of graphical retouches that should be made, but I may not get around to. However it makes an interesting art project, since provides a system that show how poverty, foreign aid / hierarchy of national powers can cause malevolent dictatorships in poor nations.

[vimeo https://vimeo.com/54632044]

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