Dragon shader

Created a shiny bone shader from scratch a few weeks ago while following a tutorial for creating white marble shaders on Digital Tutors. The dragon skeleton will definitely have this applied in King’s Ascent and in next demo reel iteration.

Also, I should stop being a terrible person and credit my friend, Meagan Trott, for her concept sketches. Will add credit to next iteration of demo reel, but for now it’s here.

Meagan’s Portfolio site: http://meagantrott.wordpress.com/

Meagan’s Blog site: http://meagantrott.blogspot.com/

topDown_dragonSkeleton boss1threequarter

The way I modeled the dragon was I first drew a mesh over her concept art. I then extruded the edges and moved them until they formed the shapes that matched the ones on the grid. Lastly was just lots of additional tweaking.


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