DigiPen update

Major project I’m current focusing on is a horse ecorche. Hope to get an independent first pass on the skeleton completely sculpted before summer semester ends.

It took a month just to get started researching the anatomy and sculpting the foreleg:

But after realizing that I needed to put more detail into the block out, I was able to get the hind leg mostly done within a week:

Elijah agreed to let me work on thesis for zbrush, which unfortunately meant postponing this undead centaur. Right now it’s just a proxy, and I’m in the middle of retopologizing it to practice that workflow and to fix the weird dynameshing on his hind legs before I get too detailed:


Initial sketch with a 10 minute color pass. Not enough variation in value/intensity, so I’ll do other iterations on the model when the sculpt is done:


Did my first official legit stab at vector art. Ok so I cheated and used Photoshop’s pen tool, so it’s really fake vector art, but it’s still a useful avatar:

My game team won Best Master’s Game. I was the art director who also did creature modeling, environment texturing, prop modeling, and character rigging/animation:

And final render for CG51, done in Mental Ray. I want to go back and tweak the car design, though it’s not the highest priority on my backlog:


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