King’s Ascent (Summer 2012-Summer 2013)

Awarded a feature and 2nd place for P-Bot’s daily picks on Newgrounds

Video review by Indie Impressions:

Flee up through floating castles, using platforms to slay a series of beasts!

As lead artist, I created three of the 3D animated monsters, the 2D characters, drew the comic style cutscenes and managed 2 other artists.   I also designed the tutorial and had a strong influence on the direction of the game. I talk about my role more in-depth in my Dev Diary blog post (Warning: Lots of animated gifs to display animations).

I talk about the lessons learned (including downside of combining too many artstyles) in my postmortem for King’s Ascent, which got featured on Gamasutra.

Thanks to level designer/programmer/producer Rosstin Murphy, programmer/musician Andrew Head, concept and environment artist Meagan Trott, stain glass artist Carolyn McGraw, writer Matthew Glisson, audio designer/3d artist/level designer/voice actor Alex Moser, voice actor Trevor McQueen and voice actress Lauren Boyle.

Play on Newgrounds or Kongregate


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